CAS:6214-18-2 | Isopropyl Benzenesulfonate

Short Description:

  • CAS No.: 6214-18-2
  • Product Name: Isopropyl Benzenesulfonate
  • Molecular Formula: C9H12O3S
  • Molecular Weight: 200.25478
  • EINECS No.:

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    Benzenesulfonic Acid Impurity 3(Benzenesulfonic Acid Isopropyl Ester);Benzenesulfonic Acid 1-Methylethyl Ester;Benzenesulfonic Acid Impurity 6;Benzenesulfonic Acid Isopropyl Ester;BENZENESULPHONICACIDISOPROPYLESTER;Isopropyl Besylate

    Canonical SMILES: CC(C)COS(=O)(=O)C1=CC=CC=C1


    Boiling Point:155°C(Press:7Torr)

    Refractive Index:1.5020

    Storage: Refrigerator

    Appearance: Liquid

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