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Basic Information of 5-Bromo-5-nitro-1,3-dioxane

Chemical Name: 5-Bromo-5-nitro-1,3-dioxane

Cas No.: 30007-47-7

Molecular Formula: C4H6BrNO4

Chemical Structure:

Bronidox, or 5-bromo-5-nitro-1,3-dioxane, is an antimicrobial chemical compound. In cosmetics and personal care products, 5-Bromo-5-Nitro-1,3-Dioxane is used as a preservative in bath, hair and personal cleanliness products. Bronidox causes inhibition of enzyme activity in bacteria. 5-Bromo-5-Nitro-1,3-Dioxane functions as a preservative. It prevents or retards bacterial growth, and thus protects cosmetic and personal care products from spoilage. 5-Bromo-5-Nitro-1,3-Dioxane is a cyclic aliphatic ether. It is also used as a preservative in water systems, paints, cutting oils and in leather processing.

5-bromo-5-nitro-1,3-Dioxane is an antimicrobial compound that is effective against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and fungi, including yeast. Its mode of action occurs via the oxidation of essential protein thiols causing inhibition of enzyme activity and subsequent inhibition of microbial growth. This compound has been used as a preservative for biological molecules and solutions such as antibodies and antisera.

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