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  • CAS No.: 12138-09-9
  • Product Name: TUNGSTEN SULFIDE
  • Molecular Formula: S2W
  • Molecular Weight: 247.97
  • EINECS No.: 235-243-3

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    Tungsten(IV) sulfide nanopowder, 90 nm avg. part. size (SEM), 99% trace metals basis;Tungsten disulfide Crystal, 99.995%;Tungsten sulfide, 99.5% trace metals basis;TUNGSTEN(IV) SULFIDE;TUNGSTEN SULFIDE;TUNGSTEN DISULFIDE;tungstensulfide(ws2);tungsten disulphide

    Canonical SMILES: S=[W]=S

    HS Code: 28291900

    Density:7.5 g/mL at25 °C(lit.)

    Melting Point: 1480°C

    Appearance: powder

    Hazard Codes: Xi

    Risk Statements:  36/37/38

    Safety Statements: 26-37/39

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