CAS:12058-66-1 | Sodium stannate

Short Description:

  • CAS No.: 12058-66-1
  • Product Name: Sodium stannate
  • Molecular Formula: Na2O3Sn
  • Molecular Weight: 212.69
  • EINECS No.: 235-030-5

  • Product Detail

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    DI-SODIUM TIN TRIOXIDE;SODIUM TIN(IV) OXIDE;SODIUM M-STANNATE;SODIUM STANNATE;disodiumstannate;Stannic acid sodium salt;Sodium stannate 42-45% SnO2 basis;sodium stannate sodium tin oxide

    Canonical SMILES: [O-][Sn](=O)[O-].[Na+].[Na+]


    Melting Point: 140°C

    Appearance: Crystalline

    Hazard Codes: Xi

    Risk Statements:  36-36/37/38

    Safety Statements: 26

    WGK Germany: 3

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