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  • CAS No.: 100243-39-8
  • Product Name: (S)-3-Hydroxypyrrolidine
  • Molecular Formula: C4H9NO
  • Molecular Weight: 87
  • EINECS No.: 600-044-6

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    (S)-3-PYRROLIDINOL (S)-3-HYDROXYPYRROLIDINE;(S)-(-)-3-PYRROLIDINOL;(S)-3-PYRROLIDINOL;(S)-3-Hydroxypyrrolidine ((S)-3-Pyrrolidinol);(S)-3-HYDROXYPYROLIDINE HYDROCHLORIDE;(S)-3-Pyrrolidinol >=97.0% (sum of enantiomers, GC);(S)-(-)-3-Hydroxypyrrolidine, 99%, ee 99+%;(S)-3-Pyrrolidinol,99%e.e.

    Canonical SMILES: C1CNCC1O

    HS Code: 29339900

    Density:1.078 g/mL at20 °C(lit.)

    Boiling Point:108-110°C(8mmHg)

    Refractive Index:n20/D1.490

    Flash Point: >110°C

    Melting Point: 15°C

    alpha: -6.5 º (c=3.5% in MeOH)

    Storage: 2-8°C

    PKA: 14.91±0.20(Predicted)

    Appearance: LiquidAfterMelting

    Hazard Codes: Xi,Xn

    Risk Statements:  36/37/38-40

    Safety Statements: 26-37/39-36-22

    WGK Germany: 3

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